Commercial Holdings:

Our commercial division produces state of the art, Class A offices unmatched in both aesthetics and serviceability. We are unique in that our buildings appeal to and provide for individual communities and regions throughout New Jersey. Our tenant base caters to all size clients. CJS Investments is very cognizant of the community around us. As such, we take into consideration the impact our buildings have on traffic volume, etc. The result is that we provide buildings that are important ratables to townships while still serving to improve the quality of life for the community around us.

Agency Approvals:

Our in-house legal and engineering departments take raw land from zone changes to final agency approvals. Working with local officials, we strive to develop sites that are consistent with the goals of the municipalities while at the same time ensuring an economically viable product. These internal departments of CJS Investments provide the resources and ability to give each project the utmost attention it deserves. This commitment to detail results in our being able to manage local and state approvals at an unmatched pace.

Project Cost Estimates:

CJS Investments’ estimating department performs cost analysis of all sites. No pipe is overlooked, no street tree unaccounted for. Our estimators prepare complete breakdowns of all project costs, including hard costs and soft costs. Furthermore, our in house staff enables us to ensure that all projects are value engineered to maximize returns. By having an in-house estimating department, CJS Investments controls the pace by which sites are evaluated, which supports and provides the land acquisition department with the necessary information required to aggressively seek properties.

Site Management:

Our company’s site management department provides the necessary on-site field support to ensure that all aspects of construction occur smoothly and accurately. CJS Investments is aware that our projects affect the community around us. In that vein, our attention to detail and control over each project allows us to provide a superior product in the most cost effective manner. This also allows the production of end products within time frames that far exceed industry standards, thereby enabling us to develop strong working relationships with municipalities and townships.

Land Development:

Our land development division provides fully improved buildable lots to large corporations. We have pioneered the relationship that an end builder has to a site. Publicly held companies derive great financial benefit by avoiding inventory excesses and loss of other opportunity while maintaining corporate sales quotas by buying fully improved lots ready to build. CJS Investments has a diversified staff experienced in all aspects of site work and construction, including: earthwork, utility installation, dredging, bulkhead, shore protection, pump stations, bridges, landscaping; playgrounds, etc. CJS is able to apply its expertise to develop a site in the most cost effective manner.

Land Acquisition:

The land acquisition team at CJS Investments determines the suitability of sites through a streamlined internal decision process that considers market conditions, challenges and opportunities. Every aspect of a site is examined including adherence to zoning ordinances, impacts to surrounding communities, the environment, and demand for product. The land acquisition professionals at CJS Investments use the latest technologies, information, and software to evaluate potential sites. This, coupled with CJS Investments’ strong relationships with real estate and industry professionals, allows us to be both aggressive and expeditious in our land acquisition pursuits.

Estate Homes:

Our estate home division produces some of the area’s most exquisite houses. As is consistent with our reputation, we provide the very best quality of products and services in each of our homes. CJS Investments’ construction division oversees all phases of construction and building. This, coupled with our site management division, allows us to produce superior products.

Land Bank:

CJS’s land bank division enables public companies to take their equity out of real estate inventory and reinvest it into operations and other opportunities. This, in turn, provides much higher overall returns. Specifically, CJS Investments purchases properties on behalf of publicly traded building companies and simultaneously enters into contract to resell these properties over a long-term period. Because CJS Investments takes title to the property, public companies are able to eliminate it from their inventory. This strengthens their capital turnover, debt to equity ratios, and stock prices. This division also allows public companies the benefit of a stronger cash position such as the ability to purchase other properties and /or generate additional opportunities and profits.