CJS Investments, Inc. was co-founded by John M. Caruso and Scott H. Caruso in 1997. The owners saw a need for a land development/holding company in the state of New Jersey that would offer unique and significant opportunities in the real estate development industry ranging from residential to commercial and raw to developed land. CJS Investments, Inc. was designed to streamline the approval and development process and is now a company unmatched in efficiency and productivity.

The goal was to create a company where decisions are made quickly and without hesitation. Aware that development of projects requires an understanding of local, county and state concerns and a willingness to develop with an eye towards the future, CJS was created to be such a company.

CJS Investments, Inc is now a diversified real estate company that brings both commercial and residential properties through the approval and construction process. The divisions of the company include: a commercial holding division with Class A office space; a construction division that builds tract homes, estate homes, condominium complexes, and multi-tenant commercial facilities; a land development division that both obtains approvals and provides infrastructure improvements to the property, and sells the finished lots to builders; and a land holdings division that purchases and inventories properties and resells to publicly traded companies over long-term periods.

CJS Investments, Inc. continues to provide a full range of development opportunities with its diversified staff of engineers, lawyers, and construction specialists, proving itself an industry leader.